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Our Mission

The Gradlife Mission is to provide the platform for university graduates to discover a place in the working world in which they can thrive

Who We Are

Gradlife Media is founded on the following core beliefs:

Every graduate has a certain type of intelligence, and an employer who values that intelligence. Here at Gradlife, we introduce them. Let's work together to find your future.

The start of your career should be one of the most challenging, exciting and enjoyable times in a person's life. Being in a job that challenges you, excites you and takes you where you want to go is the most important part of that, and that is what we're here to help you find...

Adventure, career advancement and personal development are not mutually exclusive; they can and should be achieved at once. Join our community to get inspired by how people are currently doing exactly that!

Finally, a one stop shop for applying to jobs!

How it works

  • 1. Build a Gradlife profile

    This takes 20 minutes and once you do it, you won’t have to fill in any separate applications to our partner companies.

  • 2. Complete Several tests

    In building a profile, you complete: Insights Colours Test (Professional Personality Test), Numeric, Abstract and Verbal Reasoning test.

  • 3. Tell us what you value

    Tell us what you value and what you want in a grad role - Money? Travel? Name it.

  • 4. Get a job you’ll actually like!

    We'll find it for you. Companies contact you for jobs that are you design for!

When you get a job through Gradlife

  • You only have to fill out one application for all companies
  • You get a job that you are much more likely to thrive and do well in
  • You are helping to fight social issues in Ireland
  • You get a free ticket to a ball!
  • You get a fantastic network of young professionals in your city
  • We sponsor you to go on adventures and create content for us - voluntouring, rowing the Atlantic, climbing Kili, you name it!


By recruiting graduates through Gradlife, employers can hire graduates at a fraction of the current costs. Here’s how it works:

  • 1. You build a profile and post the job you’re hiring for, no fee.
  • 2. We apply data analytics to past hires’ successes to find the best candidates.
  • 3. From that pool, we identify the candidates most likely to fit your company culture.
  • 4. You directly contact the candidates you want to interview, using our scheduling tool.
  • 5. Employers have access to a Graduate Analytics page; a centralized source of all data pertaining to graduate recruitment, performance and retention.
Get started


Gradlife Media is a social enterprise, committed to contributing 10% of profits to combating social issues in Ireland, starting with the childhood obesity epidemic currently affecting 1 in 4 Irish children.

These children, through no fault of their own, suffer from many struggles in life, including:

  • Lower self-esteem & self confidence
  • Social Anxiety
  • Lower academic performance

Upon completion of this unnecessarily difficult transition into adulthood, they are proven to face:

  • Severe heart & liver disease, including early heart attacks & type 2 diabetes
  • Lower earnings
  • Significantly higher health costs
  • Increased probability of mental health problems

The worst part of this is that none of this is the fault of the children themselves, and we are determined to help them get the most out of their lives from an early age.

Join Our Community

Join our community now to get inspired by what our current grads out there are doing and what Gradlife does to help them! You will also be the first to know about the launch of our machine learning platform later in 2018!